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Grip on
Work pressure


Everyone experiences work pressure in a different way.
What is very easy for one person can be a source of stress and frustration for another. 

In addition to the actual amount of work, poorly designed organizational processes, role ambiguity, digital systems and poor communication within the organization can also contribute to the perceived work pressure.

The Work Pressure Scan offers insights, but also concrete action-oriented tips to reduce the perceived work pressure by tackling the cause.

The Scan

The Work Pressure Scan

Work pressure is one of the most important predictors of exhaustion within the organization. If this exhaustion persists for too long, it can lead to burnout complaints and absenteeism or turnover.

The perceived work pressure can have many different causes, and not only be the result of too much work.

Because insight and awareness is always the first step in activation and behavioral and cultural change, Realise has developed the Work Pressure Scan. This scan provides employees and the organization with insight into the causes of work pressure and concrete tools to improve this.

The Work Pressure Scan identifies factors that influence the perceived work pressure:

  • Work load
  • Causes work pressure
  • Bureaucracy
  • Communication and information
  • Role clarity
  • Teamwork
  • Own direction
  • Inspired leadership
  • Mentally disconnecting from work
  • Well-being (Engagement and work stress)

Filling in the digital questionnaire takes 10 minutes.


  • Instructive self-reflection on work pressure and its causes
  • Personal feedback with concrete tips to improve your own perceived work pressure


A Realise project coordinator discusses the process in an intake. Then we get started. The lead time for preparations, communication, measurement, reporting and a priority analysis is 4 to 6 weeks.




After completing the scan, every employee immediately receives a personal feedback report. This report contains:

  • Total score on work pressure
  • Scores on the various factors that influence workload
  • General and personalized tips and advice
  • An action sheet to write down next steps

TIP! Offer employees with a high risk of burnout the opportunity to register anonymously for a number of sessions with a stress coach. This is possible on the basis of a strippenkaart subscription. This prevents a lot of personal, but also team and organizational distress.

Team and organisation

When the Work Pressure Scan is used on a large scale, for example as part of a development program or as an organizational survey, we periodically prepare a reporting dashboard. The dashboard provides insight into the factors that influence the workload of employees.
The dashboard contains scores on:

  • Organization total
  • Department- and team
  • Function groups
  • Demographics


The scores can be compared:

  • Between groups
  • With the Dutch benchmark
  • Over time (trend display)


  • € 55,00 per employee (excl. VAT)
  • The price is based on organizations up to 100 employees. We have a graduated price for larger organizations. Ask us about the possibilities.
  • The price includes: questionnaire, personal feedback report, organizational dashboard,
  • The price includes: a priority analysis
  • The price includes: a digital presentation by a Realise research advisor