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Prevent stress related absenteeism

Everyone experiences stress at work from time to time. For example, due to the amount of work, emotional load or a disturbed work-life balance. What is the degree of this stress? Where does the stress come from? Are there sufficient resources to deal with the causes and consequences of that stress? The Stress Level Scan provides insight.



The Scan

Stress Level Scan

National statistics about absenteeism show that over a third of work-related absenteeism is due to workload/work stress. It is therefore important to recognize stress and tackle it. The Stress Level Scan is scientifically validated and shows the stress level of the participant and the factors that influence it. In a session with a stress coach, the participant is given tips and guidance to reduce stress to an acceptable and manageable level.

The Stress Level Scan with coaching provides insight into

  • The level of stress (based on the Burnout Assessment Tool - BAT)
  • Causes of stress at work and home
  • Energy givers
  • Energy takers
  • Personal and work resources

It takes 15 minutes to complete the Stress Level Scan. The debrief with the stress coach takes 1 hour.


  • A personalized report
  • Recognize signs of stress
  • Tips for reducing stress levels

The Stress Level Scan can be extended with:

  • Stress Coaching


The Stress Level Scan is completed online. The measurement shows how high the stress level is and what factors influence it. An experienced stress coach reviews the results with the participant and provides tips and guidance to reduce stress to an acceptable and manageable level.

We will be happy to advise you on the application options. The Stress Level Scan can be used as an instrument:

  • In burn-out problems
  • In a program with a case manager
  • In the HR support options



After completing the scan, a participant in the Stress Level Scan receives a detailed personalized report.


  • € 375,00 per participant (excl. VAT)
  • The price includes a debrief with a stress coach