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360° skill assessment for executives

Leadership is anything but an easy task! To lead a team, you must first lead yourself. When you can make the connection between your own personal growth and the strategic development and ambitions of the team, the effectiveness of leadership increases. The Leadership Essentials Scan creates insight and awareness. An important step towards personal growth and a more effective leadership style.

The Scan

Leadership Essentials Scan

In the scan, three essential leadership styles are key:

  • Result-oriented leadership
  • Human-oriented leadership
  • Personal leadership

Each type of leadership is associated with various skills which are elaborated in concrete and recognizable behavioral examples. The assessment focuses on balance. Is the right behavior demonstrated at the right moments or is there room for improvement and development?


  • Adapt statements to organization's leadership vision
  • Add extra questions
  • Look & feel of own organization
  • Additional languages (besides Dutch and English)


  • Instructive self-reflection about essential leadership skills
  • 360° feedback from own manager, employees and fellow managers
  • Valuable insight into experience management style
  • Formulate input future development steps towards more effective leadership

The LES can be extended with:

  • Leadership or Executive (e)coaching


In an intake, a Realise learning director discusses the process and analyses the organizational context and leadership development goals. We then get down to work.

  • If desired and necessary, we can tailor the Leadership Essentials Scan (LES).
  • The manager gives his own feedback on the skills which have been elaborated in concrete and recognizable behavioral examples. At the end of the scan, he invites colleagues, managers or other relevant feedback providers by entering their e-mail address.
  • Once the feedback has been received from all involved, a report is automatically generated in which the scores of all participants are presented in an easy-to-read manner.

The Leadership Essentials Scan (LES) is often used as part of a management development or leadership development process.



Managers receive their personal feedback report in which all feedback is presented per competence and category (colleague, manager, etc.).


  • Start-up costs: € 822,00 (excl. VAT)
  • Costs per scan: € 139,00 (excl. VAT)