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Grip on
energy balance

The WEB monitor is a validated instrument recommended by occupational health and safety services to identify the main causes of work stress and work engagement. Regardless of the nature of the organization. This allows you to take targeted action to increase employee motivation and reduce work stress and psychosocial absenteeism.


The scan

The WEB-monitor

The WEB monitor is based on the Job Demands-Resources model of Work and Organisation scientists Bakker, Schaufeli and Demerouti, the so-called JD-R model. The WEB monitor charts the psychosocial workload (pressure of work, inappropriate behaviour, work stress), with a special focus on the balance between job demands and resources.

Is there a negative balance and does the job take much more energy than it generates? If so, this leads to work stress and an increased risk of burn-out. If the balance is positive and the job generates more energy than it takes, this produces engagement.

The WEB monitor charts psychosocial workload and factors which influence this.

  • Climate for enthusiasm
  • Job demands
  • Energy resources
  • Personal sources of help
  • Work stress
  • Enthusiasm
  • Organizational outcomes

It takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete the digital questionnaire


  • Instructive self-reflection about the process of work stress and enthusiasm.
  • Personal feedback with 4 concrete tips to reduce your own work stress and increase enthusiasm.
  • Strategic organizational input for formulating measures to reduce work stress and improve enthusiasm.

The WEB Monitor can be extended with:

  • Action plan RI&E PSA
  • Stress coaching


A Realise project coordinator discusses the process in an intake. We then get down to work. The preparations, communication, measurement, reporting and a priority analysis will take between 6 and 8 weeks.


After completing the scan, every employee immediately receives a personal feedback report. This report contains:

  • Total score for enthusiasm
  • Scores for the various factors which influence enthusiasm
  • A comparison with the Netherlands benchmark
  • General and personalized tips and advice
  • An action sheet on which to note subsequent steps

TIP! Offers employees with a high risk of burn-out the possibility to enrol anonymously for several sessions with a stress coach. This can be done using a multi-use pass. Such sessions can help prevent a lot of personal as well as team and organizational problems. 

Team and organization

The results from the WEB monitor are presented in an online dashboard. The dashboard creates insight into the factors which influence the enthusiasm of employees.

The dashboard contains scores for:

  • Organization total
  • Department and team
  • Position groups
  • Demographic groups

The scores can be compared:

  • Between the groups
  • With the Netherlands benchmark
  • Over time (trend display)


  • € 55,00 per employee (excl. VAT)
  • The price is based on organizations with up to 100 employees. For bigger organizations, we have a tiered price scheme. Ask us about the options.
  • The price includes questionnaire, personal feedback report, organization dashboard.
  • The price includes a priorities analysis
  • The price includes a digital presentation by a Realise advisor