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A good work culture contributes to how you feel

If you do not create a safe working environment, you run a risk. Which is why we take preventive action. Because a good work culture contributes to how you feel. At work and outside.' Remco Stuifmeel is HR Business Partner at Bosch. Together with his colleague Dennis de Vries, he explains how his action team contributes to a positive working climate.

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Personnel is a valuable commodity

'As an employer, you want your employees to enjoy their work. So, it's good to reflect together on the question: How do we work together? Suzanne Karremans, HR manager at Nyloplast, explains why this organization is working on a positive working climate via an Action team Good and Healthy Working.

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Gemeente Haaksbergen - Realise

Successful actions without much time and energy

‘We wanted to work on what we call more desirable behavior. This worked well.' Erika Jansen, P&O advisor with the municipality of Haaksbergen, talks about her experiences with the method Action Team.

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Double the amount of engagement: this is how MAIN Energie did it

Employers who ask their people how they can improve the organization and then really do it. MAIN Energie is such a company. By seriously investing in leadership and internal communication, the company saw engagement among its employees double.

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Reflecting on the way to a crime-free life

Every year, 35,000 prisoners return to society. The Custodial Institutions Agency (Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen - DJI), which is responsible for all the prisons in the Netherlands for the Ministry of Justice and Security, helps ensure that their return is successful. With the aim of preventing them returning to a life of crime. One of the tools that the DJI uses is the Reflector:, a questionnaire for prisoners.

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Growing happiness together: work happiness at the Rabobank

Happiness at work is about the well-being of employees, one of the pillars of People Management at Rabobank. "Happiness at Work is not just about having a nice job," says Kimberly Schelle. "Feeling good physically, being mentally fit and feeling connected with the organization and with colleagues are also part of it. Can people switch off from their work sufficiently? Do they have a healthy lifestyle? Are they having enough contact with others?" In her view, it is the role of the organization to facilitate and inspire that, and to promote awareness. "Our goal is to sow the seeds, so that employees then take control of their happiness at work."

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Engagement is key in the rapidly growing Fellowmind.

Fellowmind is growing fast. Following the acquisition of various European companies, the number of employees at the IT service provider has doubled in just a few years. Despite that growth, the employees and their enthusiasm are still key. A Engagement Survey helped Fellowmind monitor that enthusiasm

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Maastro’s ultimate goal: empower people to choose for their own ambition.

From strategy on sustainable employability, to insight and activation. Maastro's story.
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Also within Philips working from home
‘is the new normal’.

Many organizations have not managed to avoid it since the outbreak of coronavirus: huge numbers of employees are working from home. And things are no different at Philips in the Netherlands. From one day to the next, nearly all the office staff were sent to work from home. In its own inimitable way, Philips responded directly. In a short space of time, an innovative program was developed to support working from home: 'Philips Develop@Home’.

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