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Boost vitality and sustainable employability

Insight and awareness as a starting point for sustainable development. With various programs Realise ensures activation in which autonomy, self-direction and potential are central. A program can be tailor-made for the entire organization, teams or various colleagues. Scientifically tested, but above all practically applicable, accessible and personal.

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Energize Event

Online Energize Event, Realise's employee empowerment & vitality programme, offers an integral measurable approach to achieve vital and resilient employees as well as a positive and vital working climate.

Happy Fit Workplace

Energize Event:
Happy Fit workplace

Employer branding is key to attracting and retaining top talent. With a strong employer brand, you show potential employees what your organisation stands for, what makes your culture unique and why they should choose you.


(for employees & teams)

Discover the power of passion, energy and peak performance with our activating programme! Specially designed for individuals and teams, this workshop offers deep insights into your vitality, engagement and sustainable employability.


(for leaders)

Discover a journey full of opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills and lead your team to new heights. With us, you will find the fuel for personal growth, the insights for effective leadership and the tools to create an environment in which everyone can thrive.

PEP-Talk employees & teams


By deploying an Action Team consisting of employees, Realise supports your organisation in team development, change processes and strengthening an inspired working and learning climate. The approach is action-oriented, bottom-up and proven effective.

Action teams

Game changing employee feedback.

At Realise we ensure that people make the difference for your organization. We do this by bringing together employee research, organizational development and behavioral development. We would like to work with you and inspire you to look at your organization differently.

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