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Life-long learning is the new normal

What are the development needs of your employees? How do they stay sustainably employable? With the learning and development needs scan you gain insight into the learning climate and individual factors that influence the development of your employees. Use the results as input for individual development plans, sharpening personnel policy or creating a strong learning culture.



The Scan

Learning- and Development need Scan

The Learning and development need Scan (LOS) analyses the development need and willingness of your employees. For example, confidence in their own ability, willingness to develop, development need and competencies. We also observe whether employees are physically, mentally and emotionally capable to set learning goals and motivated to achieve them.

The following topics will be addressed

  • Confidence in your own ability
  • Well-being (vitality and stress)
  • Development culture and Development climate
  • Development intention
  • Development activity
  • Learning motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic)
  • Development need (field, competence and method of learning)


A Realise learning director discusses the process and analyses the organizational context and goals. We then get down to work. Employees receive a customized digital questionnaire which takes a maximum 15 minutes to complete.


After completing the scan, every employee receives a personal feedback report. This report gives the individual scores on the different components and compares them with the benchmark score. Each score is briefly explained, and the report contains different personalized tips and recommendations.
  • The results from the digital questionnaires are anonymized and presented in an online dashboard. The dashboard gives insight into the learning and development need of the organization and the desired learning form (for example online, in class or in the workplace) of employees.
  • Our advice linked to the organizational wishes and possibilities is combined in a practical learning and development plan for the organization.


  • Upon request