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The Preventive Medical Examination provides employees with insight into health and risk factors. From awareness to an improved lifestyle, health and vitality. Can be used separately or as part of a vitality program.


The Scan

Health Check

Insight and awareness is always the first step. Even when it comes to health and lifestyle. The Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) aims to create this awareness in a low-threshold manner. Accessible to everyone. A PMO consists of a questionnaire, the health examination, individual feedback and advice.

De Health Check identifies factors that influence and stimulate physical health and vitality:

  • Personal information
  • Work situation
  • Medical background (PAR-Q)
  • Family history
  • Health
  • Physical and mental health
  • Lifestyle (exercise, smoking, alcohol, nutrition & relaxation)
  • Physical complaints related to posture & locomotor system


  • A personal health profile
  • Individual consultation with a lifestyle advisor
  • Individual advisory report (questionnaire + health examination)

The Health Check can be extended with:

  • Vitality scan 
  • Energize Program
  • Vitality-or lifestyle coaching


We are happy to advise you about the application options. The Health Check can be used as an instrument in:

  • A vitality training or development program
  • A coaching trajectory
  • HR support
  • Organization research
An online planning and registration system is used. This allows us to schedule employees as efficiently as possible.


Are more than 20 employees from one company participating in the Health Check? Then a group report is possible. This contains the most important conclusions and  recommendations to support the vitality and health of your employees.


  • Basic Health Check starting from € 85,00 per employee (excl. VAT)
  • This can be extended with a occupational risk check (work environment, screen work, RSI, physical workload)