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The ability to be yourself and connect with others

Organizations with a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are more successful. They perform better, are more innovative and there is better decision-making. The Realise Inclusion Scan provides strategic management information for inclusive and productive collaboration based on the power of diversity.



The Scan

Inclusion Scan

The Inclusive Scan consists of scientifically validated concepts, but above all is also an instrument that can be applied in practice. Based on reflection, the Inclusive Scan creates awareness about working together in a safe and socially inclusively way. It focuses on culture and leadership, but also on personal resources and behaviour. From a positive and constructive angle.

The Inclusive Scan identifies the factors which influence a socially safe and inclusive working climate:

  • Positive working climate and social safety
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Inclusion (ability to be yourself)
  • Personal sources of help: willingness to change - curiosity - unconscious prejudices
  • Energy sources: confidence, collaboration and social support
  • Vitality: energy, motivation, resilience
  • Job satisfaction
  • Organizational outcomes

It takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete the digital questionnaire.


  • Instructive self-reflection about the process of a positive, socially safe and inclusive working climate.
  • Awareness of own preferences and how this affects the work floor and collaboration.
  • Personal feedback with concrete tips for successful collaboration between you and the other person.
  • Strategic organizational input for formulating policy and measures to enable inclusive collaboration based on the power of diversity.


A Realise project coordinator discusses the process in an intake. We then get down to work. The preparations, communication, measurement, reporting and a priority analysis will take between 6 and 8 weeks.


After completing the scan, every employee immediately receives a personal feedback report. This report contains:

  • Total score for inclusion (ability to be yourself)
  • Scores for the energy sources, personal resources and vitality
  • A comparison with the Netherlands benchmark
  • General and personalised tips and advice
  • An action sheet on which to note subsequent steps

Team and organization

The results from the Inclusion Scan are presented in an online dashboard. The dashboard provides insight into the factors which influence a socially safe and inclusive working climate.

The dashboard contains scores for:

  • Organization total
  • Department and team
  • Position groups
  • Demographic groups

The scores can be compared:

  • Between the groups
  • With the Netherlands benchmark
  • In time (trend display)


  • Upon request