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Not only measuring,
also improving.

Insight is the first step towards vitality, job satisfaction and sustainable employability. On an individual and organizational level. For this we use the best scans, which we have developed over years of experience.

However, measuring alone is not enough to exploit the potential. Based on hundreds of customer cases, we have developed the best (sub) programs that have been proven to be effective.

With an approach aimed at self-management, we create energetic work environments, where employees feel vital and work with pleasure.



Insight into the work experience of employees with a positive impact on engagement and involvement. No short-term solutions, but targeted actions that promote self-management and deliver guaranteed results.



Insight into vitality, happiness at work, health or the working climate? The validated, practically applicable and immediately deployable toolbox scans make this possible. Both on an individual, team and organizational level.

People Analytics


A boost to learning and development. With skill mapping we map the learning and development needs of employees. Realise shows where the potential lies and unleashes it.

Realise Academy

Game changing employee feedback.

At Realise we ensure that people make the difference for your organization. We do this by bringing together employee research, organizational development and behavioral development. We would like to work with you and inspire you to look at your organization differently.

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