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A boost of vitality and resilience

Online Energize Event, the Realise employee empowerment & vitality program, offers an integrated measurable approach to achieve vital and resilient employees and a positive and vital work climate.



Energize Event

Online Energize event | Tools for vitality and resilience.

Encourage vitality, connection and resilience with an interactive online event specially designed to inspire and empower teams, departments or entire organisations.

For employees or teams.


This interactive online event is suitable for teams, departments or organisations, with no restrictions on the number of participants.
It covers a timeframe of 2 hours, fully tailored to the target group.


Develop your skills to navigate based on your personal vitality compass and resources.
Increase your awareness of stress signals, gain insight into the 5 essential tools of vitality (body, mind, social, behaviour and environment) and learn to navigate based on your personal vitality tools and resources, especially in challenging circumstances.
Strengthen connections with colleagues and the organisation and translate insights into actions with supporting handouts to stay energised and resilient.
Optional 'HIIT behind your desk' training is available.


  • The price for this online event is €2,925 per session, excluding VAT.
  • This includes a customised programme specifically designed to enhance vitality, connection and resilience.



Employee empowerment & vitality program

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sports bag

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  • Self-developed and scientifically substantiated Energize@work Scan
  • Integral program that makes employees and organization more energetic, resilient and future-proof
  • Professional and experienced learning director as a point of contact for the organization
  • Proven successful

What does it deliver

  • Lower absenteeism
  • Reduction of burnouts
  • Improved work-life balans
  • Lower work pressure
  • Less transgressive behaviour
  • More self-direction and involvement
  • Higher vitality for people and organization
  • Increasing attractive employership
  • Higher Employee Net Promotor score
  • More resilience and agility

Working from home is also "the new normal" within Philips.

Many organizations cannot escape it since the corona outbreak: employees are working from home en masse. Such was the case at Philips in the Netherlands. From one day to the next, almost all office staff had to work at home. In line with the Philips spirit, the company immediately responded. In a short period of time, an innovative offer was developed to support working from home: 'Philips Develop@Home'.

READ THE CASE ABOUT Working from home is also "the new normal" within Philips.

Working on job happiness
(HR) manager, focus on these three pillars!

In the run-up to Work Happiness Week, we conducted research on the (work) happiness of Dutch employees. Of the 600+ participants, 36% said their job happiness has worsened since corona. So how can you ensure that employees' work happiness stays up despite tough times?


Game changing employee feedback.

At Realise we ensure that people make the difference for your organization. We do this by bringing together employee research, organizational development and behavioral development. We would like to work with you and inspire you to look at your organization differently.

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