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Competence scan
feedback assessment

Which (future) skills can employees further develop? Where can they still grow in their role? What are their strengths with which they can support others? Measure it with the Competency Scan. This 360 degree questionnaire supports employees in their professional development. It also offers concrete input for a development interview or development intervention.



The scan

Competence Scan

The Competence Scan supports employees in their professional development with objective insight into skills by means of 360-degree feedback from managers, colleagues or other relevant feedback givers

  • Choice of a maximum 10 competencies from our competence dictionary. Per competence,
    5 statements are addressed. Determine own competence? Custom work is possible!
  • 360-degree feedback about the selected competencies by colleagues, managers and other
    groups inside or outside the organization
  • Available in Dutch or English


  • Adapt the statements to the organization's job descriptions
  • Add extra questions
  • Look & feel of your own organization
  • Additional languages (besides Dutch and English)
  • Multiple use of the Competence Scan can reveal the effect and learning performance of a training


A Realise learning director discusses the process and analyses the organizational context and goals. We then get down to work.

  • The Competence Scan is customized by selecting a maximum of 10 relevant competencies.
  • The employee gives his own feedback on the selected competencies, and at the end of the scan, invites colleagues, managers or other relevant feedback providers by entering their e-mail address.
  • Once the feedback has been received from all involved, a report is automatically generated in which the scores of all participants are presented in an easy-to-read manner.


After completing the scan, every employee receives a personal feedback report. This report contains the feedback per competence and category (colleague, manager, etc.).


  • Start-up costs: € 822,00
  • Costs per employee per measurement: € 41,00
  • The Competence scan can be used for groups over 20 employees.