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Make impactful change together.

70% of the change processes in organizations do not achieve the set goals. Insufficient involvement of employees is seen as one of the main reasons for this. By deploying an Action Team consisting of employees, Realise supports your organization in change processes and the strengthening of an inspiring work climate. The approach is action-oriented, bottom-up and proven effective.


How does it work in 4 steps

Step 01

Realise puts together an internal action team of various employees and creates ambassadors directly. The focus and goals are determined and the process is discussed with everyone.

Step 02

In three sessions with an intervening period of four weeks, Realise guides the action team in providing feedback, discussing and deepening practical experiences and experiments.

Step 03

The first four weeks are mainly about observing. Then we start experimenting and reflecting. Colleagues are now involved, which creates an oil slick effect.

Step 04

Perhaps the most essential step in creating a learning organization. The most important findings and lessons learned are anchored and points for improvement identified.


  • Responsive focusing
  • Employees as co-investigators
  • Investigating and taking action at the same time
  • Appreciative inquiry and learning from successes
  • Looking systemically at all factors affecting the work and learning climate

Expertise Themes

  • Work pressure and work stress
  • Job satisfaction
  • Social safety (dealing with undesirable behavior)
  • Communication
  • Cooperation

What it provides

  • Awareness
  • Greater appreciation for what goes well
  • Ambassadorship for an inspired work climate
  • Self-management and entrepreneurship
  • Active involvement
  • Learning climate

Working from home is also "the new normal" within Philips.

Many organizations cannot escape it since the corona outbreak: employees are working from home en masse. Such was the case at Philips in the Netherlands. From one day to the next, almost all office staff had to work at home. In line with the Philips spirit, the company immediately responded. In a short period of time, an innovative offer was developed to support working from home: 'Philips Develop@Home'.

READ THE CASE ABOUT Working from home is also "the new normal" within Philips.

Engagement is at the heart of rapidly growing Fellowmind.

Fellowmind is growing fast. By acquiring several European companies, the IT service provider has more than doubled in employees within a few years. Despite that growth, employees and their engagement are still the focus. An Engagement Survey (link to Solutions | Employee Survey page) supported Fellowmind in monitoring that engagement.


Working on job happiness
(HR) manager, focus on these three pillars!

In the run-up to Work Happiness Week, we conducted research on the (work) happiness of Dutch employees. Of the 600+ participants, 36% said their job happiness has worsened since corona. So how can you ensure that employees' work happiness stays up despite tough times?


Game changing employee feedback.

At Realise we ensure that people make the difference for your organization. We do this by bringing together employee research, organizational development and behavioral development. We would like to work with you and inspire you to look at your organization differently.

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