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Improve your decision-making with the LISTEN! platform that focuses on pulse measurement.

Pulse measurements provide instant insight into the current situation, identify immediate support needs and foster communication between employees, teams and managers.

Find out how pulse measurements can help your organisation.

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How Pulse measurements work in 4 steps

Step 01

Realise implements the LISTEN! tool with a dictionary tailored to your organisation. Training is provided to perform custom pulse measurements.

Step 02

Pulse measurement starts immediately, with invitations via e-mail or SMS for employees. Completion takes just 5 minutes.

Step 03

Once completed, the employee immediately sees the personal score along with targeted action tips.

Step 04

View pulse measurement results in the LISTEN! Dashboard to track the progress of development or learning processes and compare them with the employee survey.

Pulse measurement features

  • Frequent & Short: Regular, short measurements.
  • Realtime Feedback: Fast, immediate results.
  • Focused: Specific focus on topics.

Pulse measurement dictionary

  • Work pressure and work-related stress
  • Job satisfaction
  • Social safety & inclusion
  • Culture & Leadership
  • Vitality & Engagement

Delivering pulse measurements

  • Instant insights
  • Fast problem detection
  • Increased engagement
  • Acceleration of decision-making
  • Effect measurement of improvements

Game changing employee feedback.

At Realise we ensure that people make the difference for your organization. We do this by bringing together employee research, organizational development and behavioral development. We would like to work with you and inspire you to look at your organization differently.

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