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Want to boost vitality? And with that the energy, motivation and resilience? The vitality scan is a unique, validated but above all practical instrument to measure and immediately improve the vitality of employees and the organization. The vitality scan is based on an integral and 6-dimensional model aimed at personal and organizational factors that influence the vitality of the employee.


The Scan

Vitality scan

Vital employees can handle complexity and uncertainties well. They make a productive contribution to the team, department and organization. Employees who are resilient and can handle stress are less often absent and work with more enthusiasm. In addition, vitality is an important part of employability. It is up to the organization to facilitate a positive working climate in which vitality is paramount.

The vitality scan identifies factors that influence vitality:

  • Personal characteristics
  • Mental vitality factors
  • Social emotional vitality factors
  • Physical vitality factors
  • Meaning
  • Vitality score on the subjects: Energy, Motivation, Resilience.

Filling in the digital questionnaire takes 15 to 20 minutes.


  • Instructive self-reflection on all components of vitality
  • Personal feedback with four concrete tips to improve your own vitality
  • Strategic input for formulating future development steps towards a vital organization

The vitality scan can be extended with:

  • Preventive Medical Examination
  • Vitality coaching
  • PEP-talk for employees
  • PEP-talk for executives


A Realise project coordinator discusses the process in an intake. Then we get started. The lead time for preparations, communication, measurement, reporting and a priority analysis is 6 to 8 weeks.


After completing the scan, every employee immediately receives a personal feedback report. This report contains:

  • Total score on vitality (vitality index)
  • Scores on factors that influence vitality
  • A comparison with the Dutch benchmark
  • General and personalized tips and advice
  • An action sheet to write down next steps

TIP! Ask employees to bring this report with them or to discuss it in a development meeting with the manager. In this way, follow-up actions can be coordinated and made concrete.

Team and organization

Results of the vitality scan are presented in an online dashboard. The dashboard provides insight into the factors that influence the vitality of employees. These are both personal resources and resources in the work environment.

The dashboard contains scores on:

  • Organization total
  • Department- and team
  • Function groups
  • Demographics
The scores can be compared:
  •  Between groups
  • With the Dutch benchmark
  • Over time (trend display)


  • € 55,00 per employee (excl. VAT)
  • The price is based on organizations up to 100 employees. We have a graduated price for larger organizations. Ask us about the possibilities.
  • The price includes questionnaire, personal feedback report and organizational dashboard.
  • The price includes a digital presentation by a Realise research advisor