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The best result
remotely too

Working from home can bring a lot of benefits to the organization and employees. Preconditions must be in order and attention to the social context of work is a must. Other skills are also required from employees. The Work@Home scan maps out all factors in order to deliver the best result together, even remotely.

The Scan

Work@Home Scan

Working from home can generate a great deal for the organization and the employees. However, the conditions must be present and attention for the social context of work is key. It also requires different skills from employees. The Work@Home Scan charts all the factors to generate the best result remotely too.

Factors that are identified

Attitude to working from home - focus and concentration - confidence in own ability - personal effectiveness - movement and recovery - digital skills - working independently - autonomy - work-life balance - distancing yourself from work - pressure of work - work stress

Work environment
Workplace & RSI - remote leadership - communication - teamwork

Energy - motivation - resilience

It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the digital questionnaire.


  • Instructive self-reflection on all components of working from home
  • Personal feedback with four concrete tips to improve how you work from home (together) with enjoyment
  • Strategic input for formulating future development steps towards a hybrid organization

The Work@Home scan can be extended with:

  • E-coaching


We will be happy to advise you on the application options. The Work@Home Scan can be used as an instrument in:

  • The learning and development cycle (R&O)
  • A training or development program
  • A coaching program
  • The HR support options
  • Organization survey


After completing the scan, every employee immediately receives a personal feedback report. This report contains:

  • Total score for vitality
  • Scores for the various components of working from home with vitality
  • General and personalised tips and advice
  • An action sheet on which to note subsequent steps

Team and organization

When the Work@Home Scan is used on a large scale, for example as part of a development program or as an organization survey, we periodically create a report dashboard.

The dashboard contains scores for:

  • Organization total
  • Department and team
  • Position groups
  • Demographic groups

The scores can be compared:

  • Between the groups
  • With the Dutch benchmark
  • In time (trend display)


  • € 55,00 per employee (excl. VAT)
  • The price is based on organizations with up to 100 employees. For bigger organizations, we have a tiered price scheme. Ask us about the options.
  • The price includes questionnaire, personal feedback report, organization dashboard.
  • The price includes a digital presentation by a Realise advisor