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A good work culture contributes to how you feel

If you do not create a safe working environment, you run a risk. Which is why we take preventive action. Because a good work culture contributes to how you feel. At work and outside.' Remco Stuifmeel is HR Business Partner at Bosch. Together with his colleague Dennis de Vries, he explains how his action team contributes to a positive working climate.

Dennis is clear about the importance of a positive working climate: 'People's well-being must be good and they must experience their work as something positive. Among others, in order to ensure that they are sustainably employable. This is only possible if people are intrinsically driven. If the working climate is not good, you immediately see that reflected in production.'

Employee research

To keep a finger on the pulse, Bosch regularly conducts a preventive survey among employees. This showed that a significant group find it hard to give colleagues feedback. For many reasons.

Working conditions & Safety

Dennis and Remco apply the action learning method. A method that suits Bosch. Dennis explains: 'We have working groups on different components, including health and lifestyle, personal leadership and working conditions & safety. For this last component, we used an   Action Team.

There is always someone who is more outgoing and who enjoys helping colleagues. We are now going to see if this works and we want to introduce it to other teams.

Team ambassador

One of the interventions thought up by the action team is a Social Safety Ambassador. A pilot has since started. Employees were given feedback training and one of them is chosen to be ambassador for the team.

Helping give feedback

Colleagues who find it hard to give feedback themselves can contact this colleague. Dennis explains: 'There is always someone who is more extravert and who likes helping colleagues. We are now going to see if this works and then implement it in other teams.'

Voice on the work floor

Both are satisfied with the approach and effects of the action team. 'It's difficult to express the results in figures. What I do see is a high level of involvement,' Remco says. 'In such an action team, you can easily approach each other, and colleagues can motivate each other. It boosts the sense of connection. Colleagues get the feeling that they are doing the right things.

Engagement more important then efficiency

It may not always be the most efficient. In the creative sessions, there may be all kinds of ideas. But that enthusiasm ensures that you hear the voice of the people on the work floor and that you engage in dialogue. You achieve a shared idea of how you want things. And how to achieve them.'

From within the organization

'At Bosch, we are confident that we are going in the right direction. Employees feel that they are making a positive contribution to influence the work. Not based on the rules in a handbook, but on ideas from the action team. So, from within the organization.'

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