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Working from your strengths and talents boosts vitality, job satisfaction and sustainable employability. What are you really good at, what distinguishes you? What might be holding you back? Make fixed patterns and pitfalls visible and overcome these so that nothing can stop you.

The Scan

Talent measurement

The Talent Measurement shows the impact of motivations in behaviour. Insight and awareness is created in the difference between natural and learned talents. This knowledge ensures that personal development comes from within and proceeds naturally. With the effect of sustainable behavioral development.

The Talent measurement gives insights in:

  • Talents and motivations
  • Energy givers and energy takers
  • Leadership qualities
  • Development potential

Completing the Talent Measurement takes 10 minutes.


  • A concrete competency report

The Talent measurement can be extended with:

  • Career Coaching
  • PEP-talk for employees


We are happy to advise you about the application options. The Talent Measurement can be used as an instrument in:

  • A talent development program
  • A coaching trajectory
  • HR support options


  • After completing the Talent Assessment, a participant receives a concrete competency report



  • € 375,00 per employee (excl. VAT)
  • A Talent measurement with coaching (also online) costs € 750,00 (excl. VAT)