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A boost of vitality and resilience

Energize, the Realise employee empowerment & vitality program, offers an integrated measurable approach to achieve vital and resilient employees and a positive and vital work climate.


How does it work

Step 01

We use a scan to map out the organization's Energize Index. Employees receive their own Energize score with development tips in a personal report.

Step 02

We present the measurement results. The desired Energize Index, a number between 1 and 10 and the vitality goals and duration of the program are determined.

Step 03

No quick wins, but focused on effective interventions. Where possible, we integrate existing (HR) activities. We organize an energetic kick-off.

Step 04

The interventions are carried out by qualified trainers and professionals. The Energize program is supervised by an experienced Realise learning director.

Step 05

With pulse measurements we complete the circle again and present quantifiable results of the Energize program.


Employee empowerment & vitality program

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sports bag

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  • Self-developed and scientifically substantiated Energize@work Scan
  • Integral program that makes employees and organization more energetic, resilient and future-proof
  • Professional and experienced learning director as a point of contact for the organization
  • Proven successful

What does it deliver

  • Lower absenteeism
  • Reduction of burnouts
  • Improved work-life balans
  • Lower work pressure
  • Less transgressive behaviour
  • More self-direction and involvement
  • Higher vitality for people and organization
  • Increasing attractive employership
  • Higher Employee Net Promotor score
  • More resilience and agility

Working from home is also "the new normal" within Philips.

Many organizations cannot escape it since the corona outbreak: employees are working from home en masse. Such was the case at Philips in the Netherlands. From one day to the next, almost all office staff had to work at home. In line with the Philips spirit, the company immediately responded. In a short period of time, an innovative offer was developed to support working from home: 'Philips Develop@Home'.

READ THE CASE ABOUT Working from home is also "the new normal" within Philips.

Working on job happiness
(HR) manager, focus on these three pillars!

In the run-up to Work Happiness Week, we conducted research on the (work) happiness of Dutch employees. Of the 600+ participants, 36% said their job happiness has worsened since corona. So how can you ensure that employees' work happiness stays up despite tough times?


Working together on strong

Breaking patterns is not easy. At Realise, we know that a fresh look 'from the outside' is necessary for change to succeed. We are happy to work with you and want to inspire you in looking at your organization differently.