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Boost the power of the individual.

Short effective interventions in the form of learnings boost vitality and employability. Realise learnings offer organizations an effective top-down and bottom-up method to stimulate vitality, resilience, enthusiasm and talent development. The personal strength of employees is central.

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Online Energize event | Tools for resilience

An interactive online event to boost vitality, solidarity and resilience.


Interactive online event

  • For a team, department or organization
  • Unlimited amount of participants
  • Online (2 hours)
  • Custom made for the target group
  • € 2.925,00 per online event excl. VAT

Learn to navigate based on your personal compass and resources in uncertain and challenging times.

  • Become aware of the psychological impact of uncertain times
  • Gain insight into the psychological mechanism of mental resilience and personal resources
  • Feel connected with your colleagues and the organisation
  • Move from insight to behaviour with hand-outs which help you stay energetic and resilient in uncertain times
  • Get inspiration to improve how you manage any anxieties and concerns related to COVID-19
  • Optional: HIIT behind your desk training

Energize your team | Managing well-being remotely.


  • Training
  • For managers (8 to 15 people per group)
  • Online (1 day)
  • € 4.875,00 excl. VAT

Create genuine connection and involvement by:

  • Awareness of the main factors that influence well-being and performance
  • Insight into motivational mechanism of job demands and resources
  • Recognise unhealthy stress or anxieties
  • Conduct authentic one-to-one conversations which reach the core
  • Create team connection and involvement
  • Obtain tips and tools to draw up a team contract

PEP-talk! Passion Energy and Performance works!

Working with a personal action plan in your own working environment!


  • Activation program for employees or teams
  • 8 to 12 participants per group
  • 1-day workshop with a half-day refresher session after 4 weeks
  • Scan and personal feedback report
  • 8-hour e-coaching per group
  • Custom made for the target group
  • € 5,450.00 per group excl. VAT

Self-direction on vitality, enthusiasm and sustainable employability in a changing environment.

  • Become aware of your tasks now versus tasks later (growth mindset and job crafting)
  • Gain insight into your own energy balance, talent and development need
  • Getting started in practice with a buddy and e-coach
  • Strengthen your energy sources and personal resources
  • Get a grip on your own vitality, enthusiasm and sustainable employability
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PEP-talk!| Passion Energy en Performance works!

Masterclass for executives


  • Masterclass
  • For executives
  • 8-15 participants per group
  • 1-day masterclass
  • Including scan and personal feedback report
  • Including PEP-talk cards with 30 inspiring questions for the (good) conversation with employees
  • Custom made for the target group
  • € 2,950.00 per group excl. VAT

Enthusiastic leadership as a basis for dynamic, agile and well-performing employees

  • Gain insight into your own energy balance and learn what impact this has on your personal leadership
  • Know the main factors that influence enthusiasm, involvement and performance (JD-R theory)
  • Learn about your tasks now versus tasks later. The change of work.
  • Know the principles of job crafting. What promotes self-direction at work floor and what does not
  • Get tips for conducting (good) conversations about energy balance, development and growth.
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Working together on strong

Breaking patterns is not easy. At Realise, we know that a fresh look 'from the outside' is necessary for change to succeed. We are happy to work with you and want to inspire you in looking at your organization differently.